Monday, August 17, 2009

Warhammer 40,000 Eldar Special Character

Harai Grae Dei
Aka Lieutenant Grady

Lieutenant Grady is legendary among the pirates and corsairs of Tito’s fleet, who consider him to be a good luck charm. His fame began during a battle against a small force of Space Marines on the Exodite world of Tirathain. At the time, Grady was just an inexperienced young corsair guardian. His unit was pinned down by heavy weapons fire from a squad of marine devastators. In a legendary act of stupendous courage and foolishness, Grady shouted at his comrades to follow, and charged out of cover towards the marines.

The rest of his squad immediately yelled at Grady to stay down, but he would hear none of it. He was hardly interested in hearing any of their extremely sane advice. The others could only look on as Grady broke cover and sprinted across the open ground towards the position of the space marines.

Once Grady was in the open, the marines focused their fire on him and let loose a torrent of heavy bolter and assault cannon shots. Grady was struck several times by the heavy weapons fire, and fell to his knees. His horrified squad looked on, but the Grady quickly disappeared in clouds of smoke and debris caused by the heavy weapons fire tearing into the ground all around him.

Seconds later when the dust cleared, his squad mates could make out the miraculous sight of Grady, getting back to his feet and continuing his charge towards the space marine position. Inspired by Grady’s miraculous resilience and insane dedication, the others in his squad let out a cheer and sprinted out of cover after him.

The space marines were stunned to see Grady get back to his feet and charge out of the cloud of smoke and dust towards them. After a second’s hesitation, they retrained their weapons on him and let loose another fierce burst of weapons fire. Grady was struck again, and this time wounded more severely. He fell to the ground, finally incapacitated by the absurd amount of fire directed at him.

But as Grady collapsed, the rest of his furiously inspired squad charged past him and towards the space marines with incredible speed. With Grady having drawn such a great deal of fire from the marine heavy weapons, the rest of the squad made it to the marine position with few casualties. In their enthusiasm the Eldar pirates completely overwhelmed the marine position in the ensuing combat.

After the battle, the others returned for the heroic Grady and in another miraculous testament to his incredible resiliency and force of will, Grady actually survived his wounds. He did have to receive several bionic implants and replacements in order to recover from his injuries, but he survived. From then on, the pirates he fought with, and soon all who heard the incredible story, praised Grady both for his idiotic courage and for his sheer dumb luck.

Since then, Grady’s reputation has spread. The other pirates and corsairs in the fleet considering him to be something of a good luck charm. He inspires those around him to greater acts of bravery, as they feel much safer knowing they have Grady there to draw fire away from them. For his part, Grady has tried to perpetuate this feeling by very often doing stupidly courageous and even utterly suicidal things on the battlefield. This has led to him being wounded many times, and requiring more bionic replacements, but he still has yet to be killed.

He even survived an incident where he and a small group of Eldar pirates were mysteriously sucked into the warp and transported to the daemon world of D’Elaware. There, he and his army were made to fight against the retinues of several other champions for the amusement of the Chaos gods. All of the champions ended up battling on a massive Ziggurat of Doom. A deadly unit of Harlequins killed two of the other champions, including a massive daemonically powered Ork warboss who had completely wiped out a squad of pirates Grady had been leading, though Grady himself, as always, had survived. In fact, Grady survived the longest of any of the champions, but was eventually badly wounded by enemy fire. The surviving Harlequins rescued Grady and managed to escape the daemon world with him, and he lived to fight yet again.

Because of his insane courage and luck, all those who fight with Grady have grown to love him and even treat him as something of a folk hero. This despite the fact that most who fight alongside Grady are not nearly as lucky when it comes to surviving as Grady himself.

WS:4 BS:4 S:3 T:3 W:3 I:4 A:2 Ld:9 Sv:5+

Fleet of Foot, Independent Character.

Iron Will: Grady has incredible will power and refuses to go down. He has the Feel No Pain universal special rule.

Cybernetic Body: At this point, most of Grady’s body has been replaced with cybernetic augmentations. These augmentations provide further protection and also incorporate redundant life support systems to keep Grady alive. Grady is immune to Instant Death from weapons with a strength twice or more his toughness. Things that cause instant death in other ways will still work as normal.

Insane Courage: Grady is always out in front of the men, placing himself in harm’s way. When part of a unit taking fire, Grady will always be hit by as many shots as legally possible when distributing hits. So if the unit takes a single wound, Grady will have to take a save for it. If a unit takes one more wound than it has models, Grady will take two saves and everyone else a single save, etc.

Man of the People: Grady is by no means any sort of military strategist or brilliant commander of troops. He can never join units of Aspect Warriors, as there is no way they would follow his orders. However, any unit Grady does join is so inspired by his courage that they may re-roll any leadership based test they are required to take.

Grady can be chosen as an upgrade for any unit of guardians, instead of being chosen as a separate HQ choice. In this case, he no longer counts as an independent character and does not use up an HQ slot on the force organization chart.

Shuriken pistol, close combat weapon, plasma grenades, haywire grenades, forceshield (4+ invulnerable save).

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