Monday, June 1, 2015

Warhanmer Quest: More Waters of Fate - Part 3

Warhammer Quest
Our noble adventurers are still searching for another Fountain of Fate in the hopes that its magical waters will reveal to them the source of another imminent invasion of the Empire. They have already started exploring the sizeable dungeon that is believed to contain the fountain, but were unable to locate it on two previous attempts. See more about those attempts here and here. Again they have returned to the dungeon to continue their search for the fountain.

On their way to town the party encounters a travelling minstrel, then endures some fierce storms that cause each of them to lose some treasure. After the storm breaks they have some glorious weather, but as they are enjoying the weather they discover they are completely lost. They happen upon a village, where they seek out their next opportunity for adventure.

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  1. Hurrah - they finally made it to the end of the dungeon!