Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10mm Civil War Casualty Bases In Action

I took some pictures of my recently finished 10mm American Civil War Casualty bases next to some of my existing Infantry units. I've already made other posts where you can see close-up pictures of the Union Casualty Bases and the Confederate Casualty Bases. Here I wanted to show what they look like when in action and being used for their intended purpose.

First, here are some of the Confederate casualty bases photographed next to one of my Confederate Infantry units.
Confederate Casualties Confederate Casualties Confederate Casualties

Here are some of my original Union casualty bases pictured next to one of my existing Union Infantry regiments.
Union Casualties Union Casualties Union Casualties

I originally only used three total figures per base when I did the Union casualty bases, but I liked how the four figure bases looked when I tried it out on the Confederate casualty bases. I had a few extra painted Union figures left over, so I modified a few of those original casualty bases to add an extra figure. So, for comparison, here are a few four-figure Union casualty bases next to an Infantry regiment.
Union Casualties Union CasualtiesUnion Casualties

I think the four figure casualty bases do look a bit better, especially next to my densely packed regiments, but even they look a little sparsely populated. My regular Infantry unit bases have eight figures each, but I suppose the casualty bases are supposed to look a little more ragged than the regular bases. I also don't know if it looks better enough to be worth the effort of re-basing those three figure Union casualty bases I've already made. So, let me know what you think. Do you like the three figure bases or four figure bases better? Or do you think I need even more figures on these bases for them to fit in with my Infantry regiments? And is it worth rebasing the ones I've already finished?

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