Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miniature Comparison: GHQ and Perrin 10mm ACW

For a while now, I've had a few packs of Perrin 10mm American Civil War miniatures, and I am now finally getting around to posting some pictures comparing them with some of my GHQ 10mm American Civil War figures. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone deciding between the two ranges, of deciding if they want to mix the two. I believe the Perrin range is distributed under several different names in different places, such as Chariot, Noble, and Magister Militum. I'm not sure of all the different companies that sell the Perrin sculpts, so you'd have to look into it to make sure.

The first picture below shows a Perrin figure between two GHQ figures. The Perrin figure comes from the ACW021 - "Iron Brigade, Marching" pack. The GHQ figures are from the ACW43 - "Marching in Sack Coat & Forage Cap (USA)" pack. The rest of the pictures show different angles. I apologize for the poor lighting, but I think you can still get a pretty good idea of the detail on the figures.

GHQ Perrin GHQ GHQ Perrin GHQ Perrin GHQ Perrin GHQ

As you can see, the Perrin and GHQ figures are approximately the same height, but the Perrin figure is much thicker and bulkier, especially when it comes to the rifle. I think the GHQ figure looks much better, but the Perrin miniature does have advantages. Weapons getting bent is a huge problem with the GHQ figures, since they are more to scale and the rifle barrels are therefore extremely thin. Every part of the Perrin figure, even the bayonet, is very sturdy and won't get bent from handling it. I think the GHQ figures look good enough to be worth the extra trouble of having to bend the weapons back into shape often, but others may not agree. I just make sure to put a couple extra layers of varnish on the places that I think will get bent often to give them extra protection.

Because of the obvious differences in the bulk of the figures, they probably wouldn't look too good next to each other on the same base. They might look close enough once they're both painted, but I still think they'd look different enough to not blend in well in the same unit. I do think they are close enough in size that they'd look okay in different units in the same army. At least, I will find out eventually if this is the case, once I paint and base a unit of those Perrin Iron Brigade figures.

I hope this comparison was helpful.


  1. Glad you posted this, since I was looking at the Perrin miniatures as an alternative to the higher-priced GHQ ones.

  2. Well at their retail prices, or at least the price I was paying for them, the Perrin figures aren't much cheaper. They are around $7 a pack, instead of around $8 for the GHQ figures. Both are 24 figure packs, but the Perrin packs do not come with command figures, you have to buy a separate pack for that. The GHQ packs include three command figures. So I don't think Perrin works out any cheaper.

  3. What is the actual height in millimeters that a GHQ mini is from head to toe?