Monday, January 11, 2010

10mm Union Casualty Bases

I recently completed some casualty bases to use with my 10mm Union army for American Civil War gaming. As usual, I used GHQ N-Scale miniatures. I made these casualty bases from a combination of the "Skirmishers in Action Poses (USA)" pack, and the "Casualties & Tabletop Markers" pack, plus some extra figures I had left over from other things. The casualty figures have no head gear, and are meant to be usable for both Union and Confederate casualties.

I used the same size bases as my infantry units use, so 3/4" by 3/4" square. On each base, I put three figures total. Some bases have 2 figures firing and one either wounded or fleeing. Others have 1 firing and two either wounded or fleeing. The rest have all three either wounded or fleeing. This way I can represent 1, 2, or 3 "casualties" (whatever that may represent in the rules I am plaing) to a unit by adding a single casualty base to it.

I originally planned to do the same thing but with a total of 4 figures per base, so it could represent up to 4 casualties. Unfortunately, the casualty figures and fleeing figures take up a lot of space, so I thought the bases might look a little crowded with 4 figures. These emptier bases will look more ragged and stand out more compared to the regular infantry bases. Still, I think they might look better if I tried to fit 4 figures per base, considering my regular infantry bases are packed pretty tight with 8 figures.

I will most likely be using these bases to play the Warlord Games rules, Black Powder. You can read my review of these rules here. In Black Powder, most units will have a stamina of 3, so they can only take a maximum of three "casualties". If I need to use these for other games, such as Field of Battle where an infantry regiment can take up to 4 points of Unit Integrity loss, I can always use multiple bases to add up to the correct amount.

Here are some pictures of the single casualty bases.
union casualties union casualties union casualties

Here are the bases representing two casualties.
union casualties union casualties union casualties

Finally, the bases representing three casualties.
union casualties union casualties

Also, the "Casualties & Tabletop Markers" pack comes with a limbered gun carriage. I decided to put a spare cannon barrel on it and use it as an abandoned gun to mark a casualty to an artillery unit.
cannon cannon

The "Casualties & Tabletop Markers" pack also comes with 4 ammo boxes. I have no particular use for these, but I painted and based some anyway. Perhaps I could use it as an objective marker or something. Any suggestions?
ammo crates

The "Casualties & Tabletop Markers" pack also comes with 9 dead horses, which I will combine with more of the wounded and fleeing men to make some casualty bases for my cavalry units. Next up, however, will be some Confederate Infantry casualty bases. Then I'll have to take some pictures of these casualty bases placed next to some of my Infantry units to see how they will look in practice. Let me know what you think.


  1. If I were to get into ACW it would be with 10mm. GHQ has some great figures. How do they compare with Magister Militum?

    1. Jim Brokaw look him up on facebook has a line of figures he casts that are ver close to the size of most figures, but have sturdier rifles, GHQ rifles fall off too easy, and his are half the price of GHQ

  2. Nice job, I like the idea - for the ammo boxes I use something like this for my Franco-Prussians where the ammo box is for Artillery units that are low on supplies, I think it looks nicer than a token on the table.

  3. gregoryk, does Magister Militum sell the Perrin figures? I do have some unpainted Perrin figures lying around somewhere, so I could take some comparison pictures. Those are the only other 10mm American Civil War figures I have.