Thursday, December 30, 2010

Renegade Imperial Guard Rough Riders

I've just finished "converting" some Rough Riders for my Renegade Imperial Guard army for Warhammer 40,000. They really weren't much of a conversion. I just used a box of Perry Miniatures plastic French Hussars, and added some left over pistols to some of them. I also gave two of them some old Eldar flamers, and two others old Eldar meltaguns. They box came with 14 Hussars, so I can make two units of 7 each with two special weapons, or one unit of 10 with either set of special weapons, or no special weapons.

Here's the first unit of Rough Riders, with two flamers.
Perry Hussars Renegade Imperial Guard Rough Riders Perry Hussars Renegade Imperial Guard Rough Riders

And here's the other unit, this one with two meltaguns.
Perry Hussars Renegade Imperial Guard Rough Riders Perry Hussars Renegade Imperial Guard Rough Riders

I think they look pretty good, especially since I was going for a look that was intended more for a parade ground than a battleground. The thing I don't like is that there is barely anything about them that looks futuristic. There is only the special weapons and the few pistols. I wanted to use spare heads from my Wargames Factory Shock Troops, but they were way too large to use on the more realistically scaled Perry Hussars. So I was left with heads that they Hussars came with. And I couldn't think of any other way to make them look more futuristic. Any suggestions? I could replace the swords with chainswords, but it would be too obvious that they'd never fit in the scabbards.

By the way, I've come to like the idea of magnetizing, both for the flexibility of allowing different options (as with my Tyranid Warriors), and for ease of storage and transport, which is what I've done with these. Some of the swords stick way up above the model. These would take up a lot of space in my carry case, and the fragile swords might easily be damage. To avoid this, I've magnetized all of these Rough Riders at the waist so they'll take up the least amount of space possible.
Perry Hussars Renegade Imperial Guard Rough Riders

As always, I'd love to hear what you think about them. I'm looking forward to applying a suitably ostentatious paint job to these guys.


  1. They look really nice! I would recommend adding futuristic odds and ends equipment. Like some obviously scifi back packs, hand held equipment hanging off their belts and grenades :D

  2. Very nice stuff!

    Maybe you could paint the swords with a scifi effect of some sort? Not necessarily light sabers, but something along the lines.

  3. Great ideas! I should be able to find some spare grenades to use on these guys. And I'll definitely try paint the swords to be some kind of energy sword, like a one-charge-only power sword.

  4. A few simple ideas: make some larger bed rolls/canteens to add behind the riders. Pare down the furs over the backs of the horses into more utilitarian blankets or canvas. Add a couple of lasguns (ideally in saddle holsters) hanging in front of the rider. If you've got access to some Empire plastics, maybe replace the tuft on the top of the hat with feathers? And a small Imperial Eagle on the front would never be out of place!

    Some less simple ideas: modify the horses. The Imperial Guard could me more likely to want to protect the horses as the riders (especially if there's always more people to ride them than there are mounts) so maybe add some armour to the horses? Maybe just a tin plate cut from plasticard along the face of the horse, and a curved piece (maybe an Imperial eagle from a vehicle kit or the Forge World brass-etched sets in the front of the horse's 'chest' area. Also, the mounts may not be horses! If you're handy with some green stuff. now about turning the make and the tail into feathers? Or adding an extra pair of legs?

    Either way, they're looking great so far. Using the Eldar flamer makes them look a bit like the antiquated weapons of the Vostroyans, so they'd fit in nicely with them. I may have to steal this idea for my own Vostroyans (when I get around to painting them!).

  5. Another thing you could do, if u are a good painter, is make it look like the had the imperial Aquila branded into their rear thigh, then branded over with some chaos symbol